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Bullieverse Fantasy

Bullieverse: P2E Fantasy Metaverse Island to Play Games & Earn Rewards

Gamers and creators now have another good reason to get excited. Bulliverse is a fantasy Metaverse island! Gamers can enjoy an immersive environment, earn rewards, and create thrilling experiences.

Built for the Web 3.0, and designed to reach the standards of the innovative play-to-earn trends, Bulliverse is the real deal.

Designed to evolve into a full community Metaverse governance, this Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), will build its own self management, as players increase the use of the native token, the Bull.

Enter The Bulliverse

The features that make Bulliverse ¨The Metaverse¨ are full digital asset ownership, the dazzling game creation, and decentralized governance.

It also features fair reward mechanisms and, most of all, an incredible immersive experience.

All these assets add up to player satisfaction!

More than a gaming ecosystem, Bullieverse believes in rewarding the community for their loyalty and time.

Users can not only fully own their NFTs and use them to play, but also rent and lease them to other players.

Self created events, the Marketplace, and other community activities will be the spaces to trade and make profitable deals.

Interoperation with other Metaverse economies is on the developers projects table as well.

Bullieverse´s vision is to form a loyal native community that loves its NFT designs, simple game creation, and immersive playing.

Bullieverse Business Model

The revenue that will drive Bulliverse are – gamers spending, Metaverse development and NFT asset sales (gaming avatars, in-game assets, land sales and game portals).

Creators also spend into the ecosystem and partnerships (sponsorships and advertising) will drive profits too!

The DAO receives a share of the transactions. When one of the community members makes profits through an event, a share of the generated revenue will go to the DAO.

Partners and Investors

Those willing to advertise on their platform, sponsor events, or those who wish to have some sort of in-game experience that could help them to enhance their brands, are welcome.

Investors so far include:

  • 6thMan Ventures
  • OkEk Ventures
  • Fundamental Labs
  • Rainmaker Games
  • Double Peak
  • Good Games Guild
  • Draper Dragon Roark
  • Spark Digital Capital
  • Gala Games
  • C2 Ventures
  • And more!

Bull token holders, gamers, creators, NFT holders, gaming guilds and asset owners, will be Bullieverse´s clients.

The company aims to create a strong and loyal community, with gamers who understand NFTs, and are ideally native 3.0 web users.

The Team

Bulliverse is backed by an extremely talented team of industry professionals.

Srini Anala

Co Founder & CEO. He worked in various leadership roles in Operations and Engineering at UBS, Goldman, Reuters and Capital One. He also delivered multi-billion dollar Fintech successful products.

Murali Reddy

Co Founder & CEO. He’s a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade experience in leading high performance teams in finances, at IBM, Oracle and Yodlee. He’s responsible for making sure all operations run efficiently and smoothly. Leadership Coach, Cryptographer and Blockchain Keynote speaker.

Sanjit Daniel

Head of Game Engineer. Held leadership roles in Sony R&D and Hedean. Over 20 years experience in hard-core programming at OpenGL, C++, and Real-time 3D Graphics. Also engine architecture and GPU/Shader programming, VR/AR/MR.

Arunkumar Krishnakumar

Chief Growth Officer. More than 19 years experience in financial services, tech, consulting and venture capital. Author of 2 books, one of them being Blockchain and Quantum Computing. Founder and deployer of 2 VC funds and respected member of their boards. He also holds a Master from LSE, and a Postgraduate diploma from Oxford University.


Bulliverse has a big 2022 planned with loads of important milestones coming soon!

Q1 2022

Play2Earn Bear NFT. Land auction. IDO & Liquidity Mining. Treasure Hunt – Play2Earn.

Q2 2022

Metaverse LAunch – Phase 1. PVP Fighting Game. Bull Run Game. Marketplace Launch. Metaverse Phase 2 Launch.

Q3 2022

Cow NFTs. Staking Dashboard. DAO Governance. 3D Cow Avatar.

Q4 2022

Mobile Support. DAO Governance & Staking. Annual COBI Virtual Summit in the Metaverse. Breeding.


Bullieverse Creation Engine and Metaverse Full Launch.

Similar Platforms Making it in the Market

Bullieverse was indeed inspired by many other metaverse games, but it also addressed several strategic and tactical differences, to boost the users´experience.

It is well placed to grow in this exciting sector.

Here are some examples of other successful platforms in the same space:


This successful game is a native Web 2.0, and therefore it is not allowed to remunerate its gamers and creators community like a native Web 3.0 can.


Axie is not designed to hold the users´ attention for too long. It’s designed to earn. In Bullieverse, even PubG and Fortnite fans will experience the four games on the 2022 Roadmap. And creators will also be able to launch their own games, for their NFT communities.


Built on Unity, Sandbox cannot offer the gaming experience that Bullieverse, running on Unreal Engine displays.

We could say that Sandbox is geared to a younger audience, while Bullieverse offers a more realistic experience, for a larger audience.

Go To Market Strategy

Bullieverse intends to build a strong and vibrant community, before launching the alpha phase of the Creator engine. NFTs were sold with that purpose.

User ownership, DAO governance, decentralized marketplace and play-and-earn rewards should do the trick.

Bullieverse will also reach out to social media streamers, to expand their base of players and therefore, thrust the ecosystem´s economy.

The player can create his/her own worlds, by introducing Game Portals freely on the Land, and then teleporting to gain access to them.

Land on the other hand, is the place to host community events or crafting experiences. Coordinating with other landowners is another alternative.

Bullieverse is built on Unreal Engine, giving game developers who love control and technical freedom what they want.

Nevertheless, users with no coding knowledge can build games using templates and assets. The learning curve is exponential; always increasing the complexity levels.

In the line of the classic MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Battle Royale, Survival and Sandbox.

The Bullieverse Creation Engine will give users the power to create games of their own.

The initial set of games to be launched by Bullieverse include:

Bear Hunt

A single player objective-based game designed to win NFT rewards

Island Treasure Hunt

An MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) exploration game, also designed to earn token rewards.

Bull Royale

An MMORPG where your team competes with other teams, accessing through Game Portals and earning tokens too.

Arcade games like point and shoot basketball and Bull Run are included.

Getting Started With Bulliverse

Players Access citizenship simply by holding a Bull NFT. In 2021, 10,000 Bull NFTs were launched, and are currently owned by some 2,300 wallets.

A collection of 10.000 unique bulls NFTs varying skin colors, clothing, horns, facial expressions and accessories is available.

Once the player fully owns his/her 3D customized bull, he/she can play-to-earn, create-to-earn, own assets and land, and get higher rewards through more NFTs or Shell tokens.

The Tokens

Bull tokens are the governance tokens, with which a player can vote resolutions, or link key decisions on the game´s decentralization process.

Whereas Shell tokens are the ones that keep the platform liquid, to fuel the play-to-earn and the create-to-earn experiences.

Transactions of Bull tokens will be done through smart contracts, mainly by three actors:

The Bullieverse Foundation, that acts as the incubator for the creation engine, and will share a part of every consequent revenue.

The Staking Pool, which is designed to reward Bull token holders.

The Bullieverse Treasury, which represents the Bulls owned by the foundation. This feature will finance the operational expenses.

Bulliverse is Built to Grow

A scalable, secure and rich gaming platform built on Ethereum and Polygon, for Web3.0 can’t fail.

The formidable graphics, and the play-to-earn and create-to-earn paradigms, can only lead to the growth of an enthusiast community.

Bullieverse is already working on their in-game creator engine SnowCrash.

To learn more about Bulliverse – please click here!

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