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Interview: Bringing The World To Bitcoin With Ivan Soto-Wright

Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO of Moonpay, joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss interoperability with the legacy system.

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On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” Christian Keroles sat down with Ivan Soto-Wright, the cofounder and CEO of Moonpay.

Moonpay is a bitcoin infrastructure company building out the interoperability between bitcoin and the legacy finance system. Moonpay is focused on making it as easy and cost effective as possible to purchase and hold bitcoin with as many payment providers and options as possible. The Moonpay API can be built directly into noncustodial bitcoin wallets so that users can buy and acquire bitcoin in a way that is completely custody free.

Soto-Wright told the story of how he got into Bitcoin and how and why he started Moonpay. Soto-Wright discussed why Moonpay is a mission-oriented company and how building around a mission is the best way to build an awesome and effective team. He is passionate about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption as it gives people access to financial services that have never been afforded to them previously.

Lastly, the podcast highlighted the challenges in dealing with traditional finance and why bitcoin offers such a fantastic solution to all of the problems that currently inhibit the globe from successfully accessing financial infrastructure.

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